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of independence was approved by the continental congress. july 2nd is when the independence was declared by the congress and many say that is the day we should actually be celebrating. when was it signed? john hancock was the first to put his, well, john hancock on the document and that wasn't until august 2nd, 1776. thanks to all of you for being part of our program this week. i'll see you next week. stay tuned for "reliable sources." when you're doing live television there's always the chance at any moment you can blurt out something that will torpedo your career. msnbc sus henned mark halperin this week. is the uproar over this one word a bit mch? michele bachmann jumps into the presidential race and gets pounded for a factual flub and
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asked whether she's a flake. our news organizations plain condescending to female conservatives. dominique strauss-kahn released from house arrest as the sexual case against him appears to crumble. but hasn't he already been convicted in the press? we'll also look at glenn beck's fox farewell. can he keep his clout online and the media's celebration, there really is no other word, of the gay marriage vote in new york. but what about the other side? i'm howard kurtz and this is "reliable sources." we'll get to michele bachmann's campaign in a few moments. there's been so much buzz about mark halperin's suspension i wanted to address it at the top of the program. he's an msnbc analyst, "time"
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magazine contributor as well. >> are we in the seven-second delay today? i wanted to characterize how the president behave had. >> we have it. we can use it, right, alex? >> go for it. >> let's see what happens. >> i'm behind you, you fall down. >> the precedent has been set. go ahead. >> i thought he was kind of a [ bleep ] yesterday. >> oh, my god. delay that. delay that. what are you doing? >> i think the president -- >> i can't believe you -- i was joking. don't do that. did we delay that? >> they did not delay it. we bleeped it. you probably know it was a word that was tossed around in the anthony weiner scandal. joining us to talk about this, michelle connell, washington correspondent for "newsweek" and the daily beast. a.b. stoddard, columnist for "the hill" and matthew as well.
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halperin made a stupid joke. he apologized. keep your answer clean by the way. does this warrant an indefinite suspension? >> look, they feel like they have to because otherwise then you get into the question of when's it okay. i think everybodyion blown these things. he thought he was on delay. >> it's live television. who's going to gamble their career that somebody will push a button? matthew, once the white house spokesman jay carney complained about this, do you think msnbc feel pressured into punishing halperin? >> if there was any pressure it was internal pressure, right? they don't want their commentators to have this malfunction. i'm struck by the fact if i'm mark halperin sitting there, i think the hosts are telling me to speak my mind. i didn't see sarcasm in mika or joe. i'm on mark halperin's side
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here. they were egging him on. >> i had to apologize on this program when a guest used the same "d" word in the anthony weiner story. >> i can't explain why i did it. it was inappropriate, disresp t disrespectful. i'm sorry to the president and sorry to the viewers. it was the kind of thing that i can't really explain but i take full responsibility for it and it was a mistake and disrespectful and i shouldn't have said it. >> now the indictment is being expanded to saying mark halperin is the epitome of empty beltway conventional wisdom. what's your take? >> he's earned his reputation as a serious journalist. i worked with him at abc news. he is tireless. he's devoted and he's also as a commentator, i always find quite measured and cautious.
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it is a surprising episode but i don't think there's anything to criticize in mark's past. i think this was a really embarrassing incident and i think that, you know, msnbc had no choice but to suspend him and i think that if you look in the past at their suspension policy it's hap-hazard. i don't think they have you earn the sixth week or the sixth day. ip surprised because there's -- mark has not earned a bad reputation before that morning. >> here's the weird distinction between that and what other people do. this was clearly no accident. it's not like he got in a heated discussion and it slipped out. he was clearly wanting to be a naughty boy. >> the legal term would be premeditated. >> exactly. >> thinking it was going to be bleeped. on this larger point, michelle, halperin has been on this show a
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number of times. it seems to me this indictment that, yes, they do the theater of politics like everybody does, like we do here on cnn, it seem to me the idea that he's the poster boy for superficiality strikes me unfair. >> i think what people object to and it may have something to do with ideology of the people who are criticizing him, people complain that obama is too serious or too laid back and then he gets a little overheated and now they complain that he's a bleep. i think it's the very idea that the president is judged on his manner as opposed to what he's saying. of course he is and that's the reality of the game. >> you've hit on something important. embedded in some of the criticism win believe, matthew is, is that halperin isn't liberal enough. he sometimes calls out liberal bias in the media. here's something from black america web. halperin showed america what he thinks of america's first black president.
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writer on the daily beast says how he commented on the bush administration. would it have been different? >> i think he may have gotten his own show if he used that term to describe bush on that network. >> fox news would have gone crazy. >> bush has been called a lot worse on many channels. that criticism is ridiculous. he used the wrong word there's no reason why we can't say president obama seems unlikable which is the way he seemed at that press conference. remember when he said you're likable enough, hillary? obama has a problem when he comes acrosses aunlikable. >> i thought it was a strong performance bit president at the news conference. who cares. people are entitled to sit in front of the camera or write columns saying it was a terrible performance, it was a horrible performance. there are certain words that you still don't use on tv, right? >> i think "morning joe"
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everyone has a wonderful time. they might get loose and sometimes words fly. it's an awkward situation. they were talking about the seven-second delay. i don't know why he'd take that chance, still, but there was a lot of discussion about how he would be protected by a delay. it's not something i'm familiar with. it was still a mistake. >> most live television, including our program, doesn't have a seven-second delay. "morning joe" adopted one several years ago after joe scarborough used a word he shouldn't have. minnesota congresswoman doubled down on those remarks on "good morning america". >> john quincy adams, that's absolutely true. he was a very young boy when he was with his father serving essentially as his father's secretary. he tirelessly worked throughout his life to make sure that we did in fact one day eradicate
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slavery. >> he wasn't one of the founding fathers. he was a president, a secretary of state. as a member of congress he did work to end slavier decades later but -- you're standing by this comment that the founding fathers worked tirelessly to end slavery? >> john quincy adams was part of the revolutionary era. >> the frequent media comparisons between herself and sarah palin. >> they want to see two girls come together and have a mud wrestling fight and i'm not going to give it to them. >> a.b. stoddard, let's elevate our conversation above the mud wrestling level. what happened here, it reminds me of sarah palin and the story she told about paul revere. did she fuel the story by not taking i made a mistake. >> doubling down will only guarantee it comes up again and again. but i think she's probably
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right, comparing her to sarah palin when she makes mistakes is something she's tired of. i understand why she doesn't like the idea they get compared and that media might be setting up a cat fight. the people who are really coming around to liking michele bachmann in the republican primary electorate don't care she googles the wrong person, john wayne in waterloo, iowa. >> as opposed to john wayne -- >> that will be a problem for the general -- >> as opposed to john wayne gacy. >> bachmann has a reputation of going over the top. >> she once referred to the obama administration as gangster
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government. >> that has no impact on her ability to win the republican presidential nomination. even when she makes these statements, like the founders or whatever, she's exactly in tune with most republican grass roots activists who will be the core of her support. >> does it seem to you, michelle kyle, that conservative women are given a harder time in the press for those mistakes as opposed so something biden would have said. >> what i'm going to be interested in, if rick perry jumps into the race, are we going to see a lot of questions where people like, are you completely nuts? are they going to use this same kind after proof approach? rick perry has a tendency to say lots of over the top things. >> if there is a tendency to, like you said, michele bachmann
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is an unguided missile, does that bother you as a woman, that there is that built-in sum sngs. >> i think they have to watch the language. a word other than flake would have been preferable. are you an extremist? i would like to have a ban on the word cat fight? >> i just used it. >> she will be fined. >> you can't retroactively fine her. you just set the policy. >> since you invoked the "f" word, flake, i want to play some type of what happened when michele bachmann, the minnesota congresswoman went on fox news sunday last week and spoke to chris wallace. >> are you a flake? >> well, i think that would be insulting to say something like that, because i'm a serious person. >> but you understand when i say that that's what the wrap on you is? >> i messed up. i'm sorry. i didn't mean any disrespect. i was trying to put an issue
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that's out there directly to her. because some people do dismiss her as a flake. >> is that an unfair question? >> i think he wishes in the subsequent statement, that the media often portrays you and your critics as well, refer to you as a flake. what do you say to that? she would have said i'm a serious person and they're wrong. i agree with michelle that women know there's a different standard. if they want to get into the national spotlight and run for the presidency of the united states or the vice presidency of the united states, they should really be careful with their historical reference and other facts, even on policy. >> there's a different media standard because they are women? >> i'm saying there's a different standard in every walk -- >> you're saying the culture? >> in every walk of life there's a different standard for women. that is just true. when you run for president if you want -- first of all, i want
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to say this, in joe biden's defense, he gets hammered as the day is long, every mistake he makes. >> not for the many news cycles. >> he gets hammered. do i think michele bachmann, sarah palin, and others, christine o'donnell, those running for federal office or statewide office really needs to know if they're going to run around and make big -- >> would that question would have been asked of ron paul or any other man who might have been seen as a bit out of the mainstre mainstream? >> not using the "f" word, the flake word. if that's the extent of the case against michele bachmann, not only will it not hinder her from getting the republican nomination, if all liberals can say next year when she's a nominee that she makes over the top statements she'll be president. >> did chris wallace feel pressure to apologize? he actually called her personally. >> yes. >> the conservative audience on
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fox news would not like that confrontation. >> if they had to choose between chris wallace and her, they're doing with her. commentators accused of being sexist are going to need to choose their language particularly. the flake word is something in particular that people use with women more vastly than men. >> you have put the media on notice. thanks very much for joining us. when we come back, the rape case against dominique strauss-kahn suddenly unravels as serious questions surf pass about the accuser's credibility. was the press way too quick to assume that the former imf chief was guilty? ♪ ♪ look at that car, well, it goes fast ♪ ♪ givin' my dad a heart attack ♪ [ friend ] that is so awesome. ♪ i love my car [ engine revving ] [ male announcer ] that first chevy, yea,
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dominique strauss-kahn lost
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his job as head of the international monetary fund after a new york hotel maid accused him of sexually assaulting her. the french politician denied it. in the international media frenzy that followed his guilt often seemed to be assumed. his conduct towards women the subject of endless negative commentary. "the new york times" broke the news that prosecutors say the accuser has lied repeatedly, prompting them to release the man known as dsk without bail. there was a lesson to be gleaned from the press coverage, his attorney said. >> to remind all of you how easy it is for people to be charged with serious crimes and for there to be a rush to judgment. it's so important in this country that people, especially the media reserve their judgment on the facts of the case until they are all in. >> was this a classic case of convicting a public figure in
8:20 am
the press? joining us from new york, washington correspondent from bfm tv. was there a rush to judgment in the american press with tabloid headlines calling dsk a perv? >> the interesting thing is to see we have come from one extreme to the other. the headlines where le perv, the french are against, he was representing the bad french behavior and now the same tabloids are sort of saying that she is the bad one, is he sort of almost a hero. so the big, big change in a few weeks only, even a few days this week. >> i think you've hit on a relevantly important point here, before we all crown dsk a hero or a saint, let's keep in mind at the very least here he's a married guy that had sex with a
8:21 am
hotel maid. he admitted that he had an affair with a subordinate that almost cost his him job and there's a french journalist that says back in 2003 he tried to rip her clothes off. should we be careful and not let the pendulum swing so far in this direction? >> yes, of course we have to be careful. that's probably one of the biggest lessons. we don't know that the story is over, when it's going to end, if it's going to end. for the journalists we probably should have been more cautious, even though here in the united states the covering of the situation has been much, much different from the french way. the french way was, first the shock, really, a huge shock in the first minutes of the arrestation. you have to keep in mind, for the french people there is emotion in this. it's not only a case.
8:22 am
it's not only a guy who is a head of the imf. it has been in the political landscape for very, very long and who in the mind of the french people were supposed to be the next president. >> exactly. great emotion i see in a lot of the commentary. let's talk about the french reaction. we talk to christopher dickey, the paris bureau chief for "newsweek" magazine. how is the french press reacting to the sudden turn in the case against dominique strauss-kahn? >> well, it is almost as cataclysmic as when he was arrested. everybody has turned upside down. the french election campaign already under way for next year's presidency, presidential election has been turned topsy-turvy. already 49% of the french are saying they want strauss-kahn to re-enter politics. there's the basic idea that he's completely innocent, that this is all over, that the woman was lying, it was all somehow a
8:23 am
setup. which actually isn't the case. so i think there may somebody more turns in this plot in the near future. >> on that point, chris dickey, you have the "new york post" yesterday and today running big headlines saying this accuser, the maid at the hotel in manhattan is actually a part-time hooker. i hesitate to say, i don't know whether that's true. the only news the u.s. provides is a source close to the investigation. i wonder if you think the media is going a little too aggressively now to make her a villain and him a hero? >> sure. i think that the "new york post" is back pedaling off a cliff. it was le perv, one stupid pun after another on the cover of "the new york post." now all of a sudden he's an angel, she's a demon. that is one of the worst source stories i'm seen.
8:24 am
i can't believe even "the new york post" would run that story, no matter what her background is. >> regardless of where the truth lay in this particular case, the arrest of dsk sparked a media debate in france over the treatment of women and whether or not more women should go public when they are sexually harassed or sexually assaulted as some of the women in dsk's past were afraid to speak up because he's such a powerful figure there. >> for us as french women, and i as a journalist, we've had a shock and open eyes, i would say. what chris just said was that the french people now are sort of willing to see dominique strauss-kahn coming back in the political scene. what i would be very interested in is to see what is the difference in perception between the woman and the man. there was a very interesting quote this morning "new york times" in the of silvi kaufmann,
8:25 am
the firand he said he still hadx with a maid in a luxury suite. for us french we were not taking care of what was happening in the bedroom. that was private life. but now, it is probably changing a bit. >> perception -- >> it shows his relationship with women. >> perception is starting to change. chris dickey, seems to me you have a classic case where there's an arrest and prosecutors tell reporters often anonymously what kind of great case they have. the accuser remains anone mouse. she told law enforcement she was gang raped in guinea and admitted that wasn't true when she was trying to get into the u.s., she repeatedly lied, has ties to an alleged drug dealer who deposited $100,000 into her account.
8:26 am
>> i think sometimes that's the case, but it was a question of what you could really establish. from the beginning when i went back to new york to report this story for the daily best and "newsweek," i was going to harlem and talking to people in her community. i always felt she was being too much of a free ride, she was too pure sounding, too devout a muslim, too much of the single mother of a teenage girl and a lot of people only wanted to see her in that light when in fact she was part of a community that's complicated, a lost people living on the edge. like any community of new immigrants, a lot of people are hustlers, petty gangster, the kinds of people where, guess what, she did turn out to be involved with. there was a desire on the part of a lot of people in the united states to make her an angel that it was very hard for anybody reporting the other side to get that message across. although i think we did pretty
8:27 am
zblch skepticism is an essential element of journalism. thank you for stopping by this morning. coming up in the second part of "reliable sources," the media hailed the historic vote on gay marriage a step forward. plus, glenn beck's fox farewell. was he simply to incendiary for cable news? with new extra-strength bayer advanced aspirin. it has microparticles so it enters the bloodstream faster and rushes relief right to the site of your tough pain. ♪ in fact, it's clinically proven to relieve pain twice as fast. new bayer advanced aspirin. extra strength pain relief, twice as fast.
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it is a major political and cultural story, no question about it. when new york became the sixth and largest state to approve gay marriage, the media trumpeted the vote on how far the country has come. and the tone of the coverage, almost relentlessly positive. >> good evening, we begin with breaking news tonight, possibly history in the making. >> this is where it all began in 1969 when riots sparked the civil rights movement. excuse me, the gay rights movement. now we can tell now here in the village folks are celebrating.
8:31 am
>> it's an historic day of celebration and controversy in the state of new york. late last night, new york became the sixth and the largest state in the union to allow same-sex marriage. >> reporter: new york grae pray comes ever june. >> dennis prager, host of a nationally syndicated radio show and john is joining us in the studio. most of the media gave this new york vote the equivalent of a standing ovation. >> whenever you have a political contest and one side wins they cover the victor. when obama run the election, they didn't do a series of, wow, he won the vote, what a bad guy. usually it's positive coverage. that's what happens. >> dennis prager, i think if you look at the media coverage in california when the same-sex marriage was defeated in the referendum, would you say the
8:32 am
victors got the most positive coverage? >> of course not. exactly. it was problem hate and it was covered as prop hate by the press. look, on another issue but it's entirely analogous, the los angeles times acknowledged they could not find a single pro-life reporter at the "l.a. times." the media are biased. i don't even mind that. i only mind if it's denied. that's all. we have to be clear an honest. on this subject it is considered to be an equivalent, same-sex marriage is the equivalent of opposing bans on interracial marriage. i just want to say one word on this. >> you're here today on cnn. the family research council which has been branded a hate group by the southern poverty loss center regularly goes on all of the networks, not just fox. you're here today, dennis. >> the fact that dennis is here.
8:33 am
>> i'm here today because -- >> is dennis banned across the networks. >> howard kurtz is open. that's why i'm here today. >> how is that sanity -- >> let me broaden that. >> when an der con cooper had -- >> go ahead, dennis. >> anderson cooper on june 22nd had two guests to discuss the issue, jeffrey toobin, your legal liberal analyst and evan wolfson of was i on? of course not. it's expected. by the way, anderson cooper is a particularly good correspondent. yet even he had only one side on. >> he picked one show and has branded the media for two decades as being biased. the media covers both sides of the story. the media is not stupid, however. for 20 years we've been told by people like dennis that marriages around the country
8:34 am
would fall apart if gay marriage happens. a conservative said marriage has been more stable in the states than it's been for decades. my point is david frum came along on marriage because the facts weren't there. >> i want to give dennis prager a chance to respond. >> i never said that in my life. i don't know anybody who's ever said, anybody responsible that if there's same-sex marriage, heterosexual marriages will fall apart. we've said other things, for example, the notion that male and female don't matter, there is a war against the notion of gender identity. so that you have lgbt, why is there a "t" there? there's a celebration of the removal of male/female distinctions. this is what worries me, not same-sex marriage in and of itself. >> that's just bizarre. >> gays are humans like everybody else. the notion that it doesn't matter, for example, was it
8:35 am
reported widely, is it john, i'm sorry? forgive me. >> yes. that's okay. >> was it reported widely that catholic charities has stopped after 100 years of providing adoption services in massachusetts, that it's happening now with illinois? >> the sail thing happened in illinois. it was a huge story and we reported on it. >> let me finish one sentence. >> let him finish. go ahead, dennis. >> this is the whole point, that because same-sex marriage has passed it is now a civil right and, therefore, to prefer to give a child for adoption to a married man and woman, is considered to be the equivalent of racism. >> we've gotten -- howie, this is absurd. we're talking about whether the media is bias on gay issues. now dennis is concerned about i'm trying to turn him into a woman. this is a bizarre discussion. >> as interesting as this is -- >> you obviously didn't
8:36 am
understand what i said. >> we'll continue this discussion on the other side. you two can regroup. we'll be right back. is all we h. we spend them on treadmills. we spend them in traffic. and if we get lucky, really lucky, it dawns on us to go spend them in a world where a simple sunrise can still be magic. twenty-five thousand mornings. make sure some of them are pure michigan. your trip begins at ♪ you are my sunshine ♪ my only sunshine ♪ you makes me happy ♪ when skies are grey ♪ you'll never know, dear ♪ how much i love you ♪ please don't take my sunshine away ♪ [ male announcer ] as long as there are babies, they'll be chevy's to bring them home.
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we are continuing our discussion of the coverage of gay marriage. republicans on capitol hill quiet on gay marriage. does your side, people who have reservations or flat out opposed to same-sex marriage have some responsibility for the fact that your message is not resonating as loudly in the press? >> entirely. there's no question. i'm sometimes embarrassed by my side on this issue. but the problem is, that it's an extremely complex answer to a very simple statement.
8:40 am
the heart tugs toward same-sex marriage. anybody who has a heart and knows any gay person understands the urge and the desire of people, of lesbians and gay men to have the right to marry. it's entirely understandable. however, nobody's asking, including my side, well, some on my side, who are the consequences? ance the consequences are what worry me. when you will teach kids, for example, about anything to do with marriage, if there is same-sex marriage you will not be allowed to assume that the little girl will marry a boy when she grows up. so you'll have to say first, do you want to marry a boy or a girl? if you teach about a king and a queen, you'll have to teach about two kings and two queens. in new mexico, the new mexico human rights commission fined a wedding photographer who would not cover a lesbian wedding. >> i'm not going to sit here and have dennis filibuster about how
8:41 am
his argument is all about kids. that's a bunch of bs. media has been told that this is about marriage falling apart. a gay guy didn't cause anyone's divorce, suddenly they're changing their argument. they're getting hysterical about kids. they've lost. >> when there have been states that have adopted through courts or legislatures gay harnlmarria we've seen the pictures, fewer people feel threatened by that, do you think that turned the tide in the tone of the media's approach to this issue? >> this is the chicken and the egg here. i'm sure showing pictures of gay people who didn't have horns on their heads made the public say, these guys, these women look normal to me. the media has covered both sides. when someone wins a battle it is normal to show the victor. show a picture of dennis looking angry on the congress of the
8:42 am
"new york daily news." i don't think it would have been news or interesting. >> dennis prager, younger people not opposed to same-sex marriage, do you think the media are capturing a cultural shift in america? >> yes, to a certain extent. but they've always overstated it. they were shocked that california went the other way. the most liberal state in the union, that it would have voted to keep marriage defined as a man and a woman. you see, for vast numbers of people, redefining the most central institution in human history for the first time in human history is not a simple thing of well, we just feel for people. >> that's interesting. >> this is huge. >> that's interesting. i'm confused. do the people not get it? >> i'm sorry? >> is he saying that vast numbers of americans are around the country get that maybe they're not comfortable with gay marriage? i think dennis is trying to have a culture war battle rather than talking about the media. that's my problem. >> time for a brief response.
8:43 am
>> you were the one -- you were the one who originally raised the question about why we oppose same-sex marriage. >> your side has said it's about divorce for two decades. >> then when i answered that, you say are we talking about -- >> go ahead. >> you raise the question of why anybody would oppose it. i answered why i oppose it and you say to me are we talking about the media or opposition to same-sex marriage? i answered your question. >> all right. that's fine. i said your answer is silly, dennis. >> i feel very safe in saying this debate will continue. right now, it will not continue on this program. john, dennis, thank you very much. up next, glenn beck checks out at fox news. can he remain a cultural force by taking his act online?
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it was just 2 1/2 years ago that glenn beck made the leap from headline news to fox news and become a cultural phenomenon. he clashed with fox management and after a divorce was hammered out, he signed off this week for the last time. >> it all comes down to this. i learned the hard way who i was. we as a country now have a chance to learn who we are, what we're capable of, what we really, truly believe before we're forced to learn it the hard way. for those members of the media who are celebrating, i waited for a season, i know exactly where i'm going and you will pray for the time when i was only on the air for one hour every day. >> so what should we make of beck's exit? joining us now from philadelphia, gale schister.
8:48 am
you're going to pray for the time when glenn beck was only on one hour a day on tv as he takes his act online? >> i'm afraid, howard. i'm very afraid. >> do you think he essentially talked his way out of a job at fox? >> you had mentioned before was he too insacendiary for cable t i think it's all relative, compared to howard beale, who interestingly is one of his heroes and one of keith olbermann's heroes. what about jim cramer on cnbc? he practically strokes out every other show. is that too incendiary? i think the question is was he too incendiary on the wrong topics? i would argue when anyone brings up nazi, holocaust, you're immediately going to alienate a big percentage of the audience. to use that word as a weapon against somebody because you don't agree with their politics is the ultimate insult to what
8:49 am
the holocaust was. and i think that alienates people. >> it seems to me, if i can jump in here, the show got increasingly woincreasing ly weird, there was talk about jews and other issues. he hadding f infans and viewers >> i think he should have changed the show to apocalypse now. i think he's brilliant, very, very good at tapping into a sense of collective rage. and i think that's what people identified with and i think it's very tied to the economy. i think because people are so angry that they don't have jobs for so long and that the economy has not turned around yet, that he's tapping into that. when people are disgruntled and
8:50 am
upset and someone's speaking to their issue, when what he's saying is resonating with what they're feeling, he's going to be a success. >> fox news chairman roger ailes did ask beck to tone it down on a couple of oaks. beck had all these other things going, the lincoln memorial rally, he gave he had the famous lincoln rally. and fox began to believe his television program, for which he was paid a fair amount of money was not a priority where beck felt reined in by fox management. that may have had to do with his departure has the controversies around his rhetoric. >> i agree with that. an anyone who multitasks to that extent is going to inevitably hurt the mothership. it is impossible for a person to do so many things and over a period of time an not have it affect what got you there in the first place. it is kmob for cable hosts to do tv. a lot of them do that.
8:51 am
it doesn't affect them nearly as much. but when you have your finger in as many pies as he does, it can't help but affect it. >> glenn beck will launch this on-line program in september. it will have a subscription fee. you have to pay to see it. when you combine that with his radio show and other activities, will he still have a substantial impact? will people in the media talk about glenn beck six months to a year from now, the way they have when he was a nightly fixture on fox? >> i think he will not have the rub rick of fox behind him. i think he will get a bigger audience then a lot of people are predicting. it is 4.95 a month. and i think what could affect it is if cable, if you can buy the show allah cart. if cable turns ala carte. if you are on-line, if that is
8:52 am
your choice you stick with that and don't use pay for other things. i think he will have a loyal base that will follow him. i don't think he will become part of the daily conversation like he is now. >> so you are saying that fox news, the platform of fox news is what made glenn beck is a superstar and when that is taken away he will be a big deal but not at the same level? >> yes. exactly. >> does it seem to you that -- does this indicate that this kind of independent sunday yar talk whether right or left, is less acceptable on cable or a this is this a unique case. half minute to break. >> i have two words, mark halprin. the line keeps changing. >> he was suspended by for using a bad joke but wouldn't
8:53 am
necessarily say he is an incendiary figure. >> it depends how far you go. you bring up nazis and the holocaust every week people think you have left the reservation. >> thank you for avoiding any words that will get us suspended. still to come, a "new york times" columnist badly botched joke and fox news unloads on jon stewart in the feud that just won't die. media monitor is next.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
closing arguments in the casey anthony murder trial began this morning and msnbc and fox news are taking it live, as is cnn's sister network hln. this tragic case, to me, is the most over covered trial since
8:57 am
o.j. and i hate the way the media turned it in to a soap opera. the "new york times" media column tweeted if i were booking tv like bill maher the last person ever i would choose to be me. >> he stepped in it with these words. >> i think new jersey is more sophisticated because i'm from there. >> if it's missouri, no big deal. that's the sloping foreheads, the middle places. did i just say that aloud? >> yes. >> slow low sloping foreheads. carr got a lot of flak as a snob and he said the middle place that i come from i apologize for saying something so dumb on bill maher last night. it was a bad joke delivered
8:58 am
badly. david carr is from minnesota. i doubt he's attempting to insult everyone who lives in the mid 'ole the country. princess diana is digitally inserted to the royal wedding and photo shopped how she may look today after 14 years after her death. t it simulates a bizarre alternate reality and is hurtful. here's what an author of the diana biography had to say. >> some people say it is spooky and should we have done it and others think it is effective? i think it is intriguing package to show what she would be like today. because i wanted to make her a time traveller. >> i work at "newsweek," but here's my two cents wit was a gimmick designed to gain buzz and attention. i thought it was a tongue and
8:59 am
cheap attempt and 'diana page to speculate what diana might have been if the princess had lived. diana can still the sell magazines. fox and jon stewart have been going for weeks. stewart now has the bull's eye on his back. >> jon stewart says he is both liberal and fair. is he really? >> did jon stewart mock republican presidential candidate herman cane because he's a black man? >> he gets away with one sided attacks. are. >> jon stewart needs a lessen on truth telling. >> kerimen -- herman cain says that he was mocking him. >> i guess everyone got the

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